The Waveform Issue 20 — Are You Feeling Safe?

Boundless Leadership

Do you feel safe at work to express your opinions? To challenge the boss? Boundless Leadership is a new book coming out next week from Shambhala Publications. This week, we have interviews with the co-authors, Joe Loizzo and Elazar Aslan, on The Glo Podcast.

Podcasts are Becoming Harder to Pin Down — That’s Good

What is a podcast? The answer isn’t just “something you listen to,” because the medium is changing. I’m getting more requests to do video podcasts, remotely, on platforms like and, and in studios. After a pandemic break, I’m back to speaking with my old studio production friends about video and audio production. And, in the podcast working group I’m forming I am hearing producers open up the boundaries of what a podcast could to be.

Sloooow Down

As we’re slowing down for the holidays, consider the case for listening to your podcasts at .8x. Galen Beebe suggests that we can find a deeper appreciation for a podcast by savoring it in a bit of slow motion. Since I listen to some podcasts at 2x, this might make sense. Podcasts done right are an immersive medium. They take you to a new frontier inside your head. I’m looking forward over the holiday break to appreciating a few. Maybe not at .8x but certainly at normal speed.

Red Cup Agency. Podcast Production and Marketing.

Working with teams large and small, I take podcasts from the glimmer of an idea into production and distribution. We make trailers, ad spots and promos for your podcast, and we find new audiences for you work with cross promotion.

Read Freely.

You can read freely at The Waveform. I’m not tracking opens, clicks, or forwards. I’m not analyzing your IP address location. It’s just you and me, writing and reading. This is a small part of the vast Web focused on people and dialog, not marketing data collection.



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Lee Schneider

Lee Schneider

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