Issue 54 Creating a School for Changemakers with Laura Hartley

Lee Schneider
2 min readJun 4

In the latest episode of The FutureX Podcast, you’ll meet Laura Hartley, founder of an online school for changemakers called Public Love Enterprises. She teaches people how to detox from capitalism, patriarchy, and supremacy culture. Her intention is to empower changemakers, activists, and entrepreneurs to radically reimagine the world, creating the conditions for social healing, collective thriving, and liberation.

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Laura asks each student in her online school to sign a participant agreement. The agreement sets rules and boundaries for the class about what they can and cannot discuss. If you’re thinking of running a class, or starting an online community of your own, her thoughts about a participant agreement are worth listening to.

WordPress at 20

WordPress turned 20 last month. That means I started writing blogs in 2003. Using WordPress, I could write and distribute articles without a lot of fuss. Twenty years ago, self-publishing was a revelation and a revolution. A blog was liberation in pixels, a megaphone the likes of which no one had ever pointed into a crowd before, an ongoing conversation, and just plain fun to do.

WordPress took away the stigma of “self publishing” and turned it into indie publishing. It helped writers become publishers and turn blogs into books. WordPress made possible what I publish now in words and in audio, because it represented a dramatic change in attitude. It made everyone worthy.

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