Issue 51 Sista Circle — Black Women in Tech, with Lexi B.

Lee Schneider
2 min readMay 16, 2023


In the newest episode of The FutureX Podcast you’ll meet Lexi B. Lexi B is one of Silicon Valley’s most candid and prominent voices. She is the founder of Sista Circle: Black Women in Tech, a community that supports Black women in tech companies and tech related professions.

Lexi B. and I talk about why she started Sista Circle and what it accomplishes now. We discuss why a group of Black women meeting to talk about work differs from a group of white men meeting to talk about the same thing.

She believes that when you enter a room, you can be the most privileged person in that room and also the least privileged person in that room at the same time. Privilege can refer to race, background, and institutional knowledge.

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Lexi B. has delivered a talk called Everyone is a Freedom Fighter: How to Build Equity in the Workplace. During the podcast, we build on what she explores in that talk. We also talk about why social change requires inner work.

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Next week on the podcast, I’ll post my interview with Piet Terheyden, one of the founders of Literal is a platform used to review and share about books. It’s designed to be a “better Goodreads.” Piet shares about how Literal came to be and the challenges he and his co-founders face in sustaining it and keeping it open, safe, and diverse.

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