Issue 49 The Visibility Mindset with Bernice Chao

Lee Schneider
3 min readApr 27

Dear Friends,

This week on the FutureX Podcast, you’ll meet Bernice Chao, an award-winning creative director, author, and public speaker. She is a co-founder of Asians in Advertising, a community with five thousand global members that creates opportunities for Asians in the advertising world and helps elevate Asians to higher leadership positions. Bernice and I talk about building community and representation in advertising, on the TEDx stage, and online.

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Bernice’s book, The Visibility Mindset is an essential guide for the Asian American community and allies on overcoming barriers and finding success in the workplace today. She and I talk about representation for Asian Americans in creative workplaces, like ad agencies. She has many practical tips about navigating career representation and advancement, including how to speak up in meetings, even though you might not feel what you have to say is “perfect.”

The Visibility Mindset is available on Amazon or Here’s a list of books I’ve recently discussed on podcasts.

What’s Ahead on FutureX

Next week on the podcast, you’ll hear my interview with Matt Gemmell, an author who has built a community and writing career one newsletter, one Twitter post, and one Mastodon post at a time. He writes in the thriller and horror genres and has started his own podcast called Trouble with Writing. We have a fun conversation about the creative process and how to market your creative output.

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The Internet I Admired is Dead

I’m working on an essay about Twitter going bankrupt in six months, Amazon shutting down the Book Depository, and TikTok strangely becoming a place to make books popular. The Internet is going through a phase and will become something new. But what? I’ll post that one soon.

100,000 Words (and Numbers)

I’ve been working steadily on the sequel to Surrender, called Resist. I’m 100,000 words into the novel manuscript and should be ready to take a break and then start the real work of revisions. Rough calculation, it has taken 180 cups of tea and 85 espressos to produce 100,000 words. Probability theory trivia: Alfréd Rényi was a Hungarian mathematician known for his work in probability and for saying, “A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems.” Easy to edit that into how caffeine-fueled writers work. He also said, “If I feel unhappy, I do mathematics to become happy. If I am happy, I do mathematics to keep happy.”

Science Project

Since this newsletter has somehow bridged over into science, I’ll leave you with our son’s 5th grade science project. It is about how using yeast to make bread makes for delicious results. He’s been getting into baking quite a lot lately, and has been generous with the results. We usually make two loaves. We eat one, and he likes to give the second to a neighbor or split it with his friends.

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