Is reality real?

The last few weeks have slipped away from me. How about you? I was supposed to be doing things like writing this newsletter, but instead I’ve been shopping for masks, trying to find a store that still stocks napkins, and seeing if I can work in the same shirt for three days in a row without anyone noticing on Zoom. (No one has.)

It seems a good time to ask “is reality real?” In our latest longform episode of Same Same But Tech that’s just what we get into. The episode is an examination of virtual reality, augmented reality, extended reality and … just reality. The dividing line between what our devices show us and what our mind claims we see just gets thinner and thinner. Could it get any weirder out there? Find out. Listen to the episode.

Mixed Reality is like having Superpowers (featuring Microsoft Hololens + Paramount Pictures)

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Lee Schneider

Podcast producer. Author. Television escapee. Founder of @redcupagency. Co-founder of FutureX Studio. Co-founder of 3 children. Married to a goddess.